Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Where I blog from

Hello there! Today is day 7 of the blog everyday in May challenge. Yesterday, I decided to just post my Currently card instead of posting a favorite photo of myself. So I technically didn't break the challenge since I did blog yesterday (at least I hope I didn't).

I usually blog in my bedroom. Usually I'm either at my desk or on my bed, but today I am blogging from my boys' room. Today is my oldest son's birthday and we had a very busy morning and afternoon. We had several errands to take care of before taking some cupcakes and goodie bags to my son's school. Once we all got home, the boys were clearly exhausted and fell asleep on my I was basically kicked out of my bed. It's ok though because I love their room! Plus it was great to see that their room was not a huge mess! I was so happy that my husband gathered all of the toys that we have been meaning to give to Goodwill for the past few weeks now.

Where do you blog? Is it in the same place? Or do you like to switch things up and go to different rooms or places outside of your home?

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