Friday, July 29, 2016

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with KrystenLindsay, and Charlotte's weekly link up.

1. Getting my Etsy shop up and running again

2. Snuggles

3. Soda

4. Getting stuff done ahead of time

5. Preparing for the new school year

6. Stressing less

7. Air Conditioner

8. New art supplies

9. New ideas

10. iPod Touch

What made you happy this week?

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Currently List

Hello! Hello! It's Tuesday and it's time for another currently list.

Watching: I can never get tired of this show. I love watching reruns of SVU.

Reading: I'm almost caught up on reading some blog posts and I also read some emails.

Listening: I heard about this song and this band from an awesome artist on Youtube. This song is amazing. I love when I find new bands and songs.

Making: I put some new items in my shop.

Feeling: I went to bed really late last night and I'm kind of regretting it.

Planning: I plan to make some notebooks and mini albums in the next few weeks. I may put some of the notebooks in my shop as well.

Loving: I love when I am ahead of schedule, but a lot of times it can backfire because I end up being exhausted.

What are you currently up to?

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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Nerd Nest Challenge--Go Ombré

Happy Monday! I'm over at the Nerd Nest with this month's challenge! Below is a peek at what I made. You can check out my entire take on the challenge over here.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Warby Parker's See Summer Better Collection

Summer is already here. There are so many things to love about Summer. The weather, BBQs, ice cream, traveling, outdoor events, cool drinks, and all just screams Summer. Speaking of sunshine, I'm sure most of you know that almost everyone wears a pair of sunglasses during this season. Sometimes a pair of sunglasses is the perfect accessory for an outfit and most importantly it protects your eyes.

Warby Parker is a company that sells affordable sunglasses and eyeglasses. What's even cooler is that for every pair that is sold, a pair is donated to someone in need.

The new collection features 14 new styles of sunglasses. There are also four new shapes (Ketchum, Hammond, Dorothy, and Barrie) and 5 new hues (Crystal Aqua, Crystal Fern, Himalayan Salt, Lavender, and Melon).

Check out the new sunglasses below.

And here are the new eyeglasses.

Seriously, how cute are those sunglasses and eyeglasses? I'm really loving the Tilley, Reilly, and Lowry sunglasses. I also love the Leighty and Streeter eyeglasses. Oh and guess what? Warby Parker has a Home Try On Program where you can select five frames and test them out for five days. They will even ship the glasses to you for free! 

Which pair of sunglasses and/or eyeglasses are your favorite(s)?

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Currently List

Hey! Hey! It's Tuesday and it's time for another Currently List!

Reading: When I got my laptop back, I had a ton of blog posts to read. I also caught up on a few emails and read lots of articles.

Playing: I don't play a lot of games, but I do like Clash of Clans and Super Mario Party.

Watching: I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos specifically Paige Poppe's videos. She is an amazing artist. I have also been watching the news.

Trying: Let's just say that this week has been a bit stressful and it doesn't help that I am sick.

Cooking: I didn't cook anything because I was not feeling well so we decided to eat out instead.

Eating: Sonic's bacon double cheeseburgers are the best!

Drinking: You can never go wrong with an ice cold lemonade.

Texting: I haven't been texting a lot, but I did text my husband and my little sister.

Pinning: I have not been using Pinterest as much as I used to, but I may just start again.

Crafting: I have been so behind on a lot of stuff including crafting and scrapbooking. I was finally able to make a few blog posts and journaling cards.

Loving: I did not want to leave my bed at all. I love my pillows and blankets. If I could, I would have stayed in bed all weekend.

Hating: It was a rough week.

Enjoying: Even though I am sick, I have been trying to get some me time so I can catch up on some stuff.

Feeling: I was super exhausted because the boys and I are not feeling well. Summer colds are the worst. I'm also tired of hearing all the bad things in the news and social media.

Listening: I absolutely love Charlie Puth's new song. It has been on repeat.

Celebrating: You don't understand how excited I was to finally get my laptop back. I nearly squealed when I was told that I could pick it up.

Considering: I am kind of wanting to try some new art techniques, but haven't had much time.

What are you currently up to?

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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Week Where So Many Things Went Wrong

Well you guys...I am back! You may or may not have noticed that I haven't blogged for about a week and a half. The reason why is because I had some major technical difficulties last week. Like seriously, it was so bad.

So yeah...this happened (see pic above). My charger literally just snapped by itself. Before I get into my charger issue, I should probably start at the beginning. The Sunday before last, my laptop randomly shut off and it took a few minutes to turn back on. I immediately called Apple because I thought something was wrong and a page popped up asking me to download a weird Mac protector. So the Apple technician that I spoke with helped me with that issue. After hanging up and thinking all was good, I noticed that my laptop was no longer charging. I tried all of the outlets in the house and none of them worked for my laptop. And guess what, I had to call Apple again.

I spoke with a different technician who thought that maybe my charger was broken. While I was speaking with her, I noticed that there was a slit on the thin cord of the charger which I know was not there when I spoke with the first technician. I informed the woman and while we were talking, I noticed a few sparks and actually got shocked myself. Don't worry, I'm ok. I unplugged the the charger and that's when the cord completely snapped off. When John came home from work, we went to go buy a new one.

When we got home, I went to charge my laptop and guess what? Do you think it worked? Nope! My laptop still wasn't charging! So I had to call Apple again! I told the third technician about my two previous calls and she told me that the issue was with my laptop. So we had to make an appointment. I was really hoping that I would get an appointment the next day, but the next available one was not until Tuesday. So on Tuesday, I went to Apple and was told that my laptop would be taken to a repair center and that it should take 3-5 days. Seriously...#bloggerproblems. Luckily, I got my laptop back in four days and I didn't even have to pay (Yay AppleCare!), but now I am super behind on a lot of stuff.

I was planning to write a few blog posts on Saturday, but the boys and I caught a Summer cold. So I decided to just try and rest for the rest of the weekend. I'm hoping that now that I have everything working that I can catch up on a lot of work. Hopefully your weekend was much better than mine.

What were you up to last week?

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

#SummerManifesto Layout

I have a love/hate for Summer. I love that my family and I get to make lots of unplanned trips during the summer, how the days are not super busy, and just being able to spend time with the rest of our family. I also love that I am able to create a lot more art, layouts, cards, etc. during the summer. There are two things that I do not like about Summer. I really don't like how hot it gets and how incredibly crowded some places can get due to everyone being on vacation or out of school. However, this summer has been awesome so far. We have gone to a bunch of places already and we had a BBQ as well. Today, I want to share a scrapbook layout of my Summer Manifesto.

I used several different Summer themed products on my layout. I used  Freckled Fawn's Carnival Embellishment Kit and American Crafts die cuts. I also used Pebbles' Fun in the Sun 6x6 paper pad. The pad has adorable papers especially the cut apart sheet. I also used Recollections enamel dots and the pineapple sticker is also from Recollections. I also used Lora Bailora's Summer 2015 Stamp.

I love how colorful the layout turned out. I used lots of enamel dots so that I would not have a bunch of white space. I also love that the enamel dots, pineapple sticker, ice cream wood chips, and epoxy sticker adds a bit of dimension to the page.

I added a small Summer bucket list. I wish that there was a larger card in the 6x6 paper pad so that I could have added my entire bucket list, but that's ok. We have already checked off a few on the list. I used my Tombow Xtreme Adhesive and Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue to adhere the embellishments. 

So there you have it, my Summer Manifesto! I really did have fun making this layout. Not using a photo was a nice change and I was able to use a lot of my left over supplies from my Freckled Fawn kit as well as other Summer themed crafting supplies.

What's your Summer Manifesto?

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Currently List

Hello! It's Tuesday and it's time for another Currently List!

Watching: Today, I caught up on some episodes of Preacher and The Last Ship. It's a bit weird that Game of Thrones is over and I don't have any episodes to catch up on. I can't wait until the next season premieres.

Reading: I only read a few blog posts , but I did read lots of news articles and a few Facebook posts.

Listening: I love this song. It's not new, but it is still awesome! So kind of random, but I am so excited for Donald Glover's (aka Childish Gambino) new tv show, Atlanta. Check out the sneak peek/promo video here.

Making: I made a watercolor painting. I haven't used watercolors in a couple of weeks so it was a nice change.

Feeling: I love nap time! The boys and I took a nap which was just what we needed. I have been feeling really exhausted and sleepy, but I'm not sure why.

Planning: I want to try so many new recipes. I found a bunch of recipes on Facebook and a couple on Pinterest that I definitely plan to try in the next few weeks.

Loving: It felt great that I did not have a massive to do list today. No major was awesome!

What are you currently up to?

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