Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Hello there and happy Thursday! Today is Thursday and that means it's time for another Thursday Thoughts.

  • I can't believe that in just a few days it will be September! This year is going by way too fast, but I am happy that Fall is coming up!
  • I'm kind of excited about the new Erin Condren notebooks since they will obviously have a lot more pages. Plus I heard you can add dividers as well. I hope that they don't have interchangeable covers, but I'm sure that they will since the Life Planners have interchangeable covers. I will definitely get some more info on the notebooks soon.
  • I said I didn't need another core kit (and I really don't), but I did end up buying the Heidi Swapp Favorite Things Edition core kit. I saw a ton of cool projects that were made with the core kit so that made me change my mind. I definitely plan to use the cards in my Project Life album as well as to make some handmade cards. I may even give some away as RAKs or maybe have a giveaway!

  • I am really loving this card that I found on the JMP girl designs blog! This is the project that really made me want to purchase a core kit even though she used a value kit for the card.
  • I watched The Blob yesterday and the movie still kind of scares me lol. It's not as scary as when I watched it as a kid, but there were some scary moments. 
  • I want to try another subscription box soon. Maybe I'll try Love with Food or Urthbox. 
  • I really want to buy a black blazer and a cardigan. I'm loving all of the cardigans at Macy's
That's it for me. How has your Thursday been? What are your Thursday Thoughts?

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Currently List #19

Hello there! It's Tuesday and you know what that's Currently List time!

Watching: I still love this show. It just gets better and better every week. I also need to catch up on Witches of East End as well.

Reading: I love this magazine. I used to have a subscription and am thinking about renewing it again. Planning to use the magazine to meal plan again.

Listening: So I heard this song on the last episode of Teen Wolf. As soon as I heard the song, I had to listen to the whole thing and downloaded it. I really loved

Making: I need to catch up on a few weeks of Project Life so I'm working on some layouts. Usually I get the journaling done on time, but I haven't gotten that done or put the pictures in the sleeve. I am still thinking about doing a hybrid Project Life album and have considered doing a monthly album, but I still kind of want to do a weekly (but hybrid). 

Feeling: It's been a super busy day. I had so many things on my to do list and several errands, but I am glad that we got stuff done that we planned to do in the next month. Now I'm just relaxing and feeling content.

Planning: I am so excited for Fall especially for Halloween! And if you didn't know...Halloween is on a Friday! 

Loving: Today is the 30 Days of Lists Blog Hop. I am loving all of the lists, pages, and ideas! All of these pages are giving me some ideas for mini albums that I plan to make in the future. 

What's on your Currently List? Feel free to share!

Until next time...

30 Days of Lists Blog Hop

September is almost here and that means that 30 Days of Lists is just a few days away! I'm so excited! Today is the 30 Days of Lists Blog Hop! All of the sponsors and ambassadors will be posting a list for everyone to see. If you are not familiar with 30 Days of Lists, you can find more information  here.

The list that I chose is Favorite Websites & Blogs

Favorite Blogs
  • Amanda Rose Blog
  • Rukristin
  • Ali Edwards
  • Dancing Quinn
  • Ramblings of Suburban Mom
  • I Love It All with Monika Wright
  • BuzzFeed
  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook
  • PostSecret
I used my mixed media journal, some enamel dots, Heidi Swapp polka dot stencil from her new Project Life collection, and two of the Heidi Swapp mini mists (Citron and Teal). As you can see, I am still learning how to use the mini mists.

I can't wait to see everyone else's lists. If you haven't joined, there is still time to do so. You also get a free #30 Days exclusive kit that was designed by Alexandra Rae Designs. This is only available to registered listers.

Join the blog hop and follow here to check out some other lists and pages.


P.S. I am a sponsor and affiliate for 30 Days of Lists. Any purchases you make using the above link will help support The Emi Times. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Card

Hello there! Happy Friday! Today, I went to Michaels and bought some of the new Recollections Fall embellishments and Craft It Cardmaking embellishments. I definitely plan to go again this weekend and get a few more supplies to make some more cards.

Speaking of making some cards, I was finally able to make some detailed sketches and drafts of cards that I want to make. I used some of the supplies that I bought and made a birthday card. I really, really like how the card came out.

Supply list
  • Recollections Craft It Cardmaking Dimensional Sticker
  • Recollections Washi Tape
  • Recollections Card
This card was so easy to make! Since I only bought one of the dimensional stickers, I think I may have to go back and buy a couple more. There are so many people who have birthdays coming up and I need to start making some more birthday cards.

I plan to post some more cards in the next few days so be on the lookout for that. :)

Until next time...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Hello! Hello! It's Thursday and that means it's time for another Thursday Thoughts. I'm posting this just a tad bit on the late side, but I've been so busy and exhausted today. Better late than never...right?

  • I have been making some sketches and drafts of cards that I plan to make tomorrow. I'm super excited to finally make them. I have been saying that I want to just make a bunch of cards, but just haven't had the time. I'm even more excited to make some cards because of all the Heidi Swapp Project Life goodies that I bought.
  • Speaking of Heidi Swapp Project Life goodies, I'm seriously loving all of the crafts, mini albums, and cards that everyone has been making with their Heidi Swapp products. I definitely plan to use some of the new Heidi Swapp collection to make some cards as well.
  • I saw that Michaels has some new cards, envelopes, and dimensional stickers/embellishments. I don't need any cards or envelopes, but I do want and need some of the stickers. I also plan to get a few Fall embellishments for some of the projects that I plan to make. There are so many people I know that are having babies and getting married so I need to start making some cards.
  • So everyone is doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I know there are some people who say that it's just better to donate and that throwing ice cold water is dumb, but at least this challenge is raising awareness.
  • I want to (and will) make a Fall and Winter bucket list. Definitely plan on checking online for some ideas. 
  • I need to order a planner soon. My current one ends in December. I've been using an Erin Condren Life Planner for about 2 or 3 years now, but I'm thinking about switching to a Day Designer. I really don't like that the Erin Condren planner covers are interchangeable and am worried that they it can pop off. The main thing that I don't like about the Day Designer is that it has a daily hour by hour layout/section that I wouldn't really need to use. I guess the good thing about the hour by hour is that if something changes (i.e. an appointment) I can put it in another timeslot. 
That's it for me. How has your Thursday been? What are you Thursday Thoughts?

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

30 Days of Lists Book

Hello there! As you know I am a sponsor of 30 Days of Lists! I'm loving all of the books, pages, layouts, etc. that everyone has been posting. It's making me even more excited that what I already am for this challenge to begin. Since I'm so excited for this challenge to begin, I wanted to share my book for the challenge!

The Cover

I used washi tape on my cover as well as some Basic Grey alpha stickers. I really want to use some of my stash this time instead of purchasing a ton of stuff. I seriously have way too much stuff so it was awesome to finally put some of my supplies to use.

I'm also using some of the 3x4 and the 4x6 bifold cards for some of my pages. I will probably leave some of the pages without the Project Life cards just to mix up the look a bit. I also plan to use some patterned paper as well just so the pages won't be entirely made up of cards from the Honey Edition.

My fave page

I really like how this spread turned out. Super simple...just a 4x6 bifold card and the numbers in the corners are handwritten. Some of the pages have number stickers from the Basic Grey set of stickers that I used for the cover. I would have preferred to use more of the number stickers, but I ran out and decided to just handwrite them. At least I stuck with my plan to use my stash ha! Below you can see a couple more pictures of my pages so far.

I don't plan to use a lot of embellishments just so I won't be overwhelmed. I think using Project Life cards and patterned paper is an easy way to decorate mini books so that your pages will pop. It's also fast and simple in my opinion.

I made a few kits for 30 Days of Lists that are available for purchase in my shop. And if you have registered for 30 Days of Lists, there is a discount code available.

I really can't wait to see everyone's lists once the challenge begins. For those who have not registered yet, I hope you all do. It really is a fun challenge and the participants are great people.


P.S. Since I am a sponsor for 30 Days of Lists, any purchases made using the link above will help support The Emi Times. Be sure to check out 30 Days of Lists and learn more about the challenge.

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Currently List #18

Hello there! It's Tuesday and you know what that's Currently List time!

Watching: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta...don't judge me (ha ha)! So apparently yesterday's episode was the finale. I also heard that there is going to be a Love & Hip Hop in Hollywood. I still think that Love & Hip Hop New York is the best one.

Reading: I've been catching up on reading some blog posts from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom as well as looking at blog posts about 30 Days of Lists.

Listening: I still love this song. Pure awesomeness.

Making: I've been making some PL layouts since I need to catch up on a couple of weeks. I also have been working on how I want the pages of my 30 Days of Notebook to look like. I'm hoping to have that done by the end of the week.

Feeling: I'm beyond sleepy. I even took a nap and that seemed to make it worse.

Planning: I bought some cards at Michael's to use for my bases, but I also want to get some kraft cards for my bases as well.

Loving: This season of Teen Wolf is seriously awesome! It sucks that the season is going to end soon, but at least Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow will be back soon.

What's on your Currently List? Feel free to share!

Until next time...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Unforgettable Day Card

Hello there and happy Monday! I hope it's been an awesome day for you all. Today, I have been busy crafting and worked on my 30 Days of Lists cover. Tomorrow, I plan to work on some of the pages and layouts for my notebook.

Below is the card that I made using Heidi Swapp's Hello Today paper pad and Heidi Swapp's clear alphas. I actually got the idea from a post on Heidi Swapp's blog which you can check here. Super simple, but so awesome!

I have had the Hello Today 12x12 paper pad for months now, but didn't use it until today. I was actually a little scared to use it because I didn't want to ruin it. I love that the paper pad has 3x4 and 4x6 cards that you can cut out and put in your Project Life albums or use for other projects.

These clear alphas are so freaking cool! They are so useful. I decided I wanted to make a card for our Disney trip that we took, but now I'm thinking I may use this card to help document an upcoming festival that we plan to attend. I put the letters in my Xyron machine and I ran out of adhesive! So I ended up using my Elmer's dot runner instead.

The final product

I really like how the card came out! I was a bit worried that the letters would not stick, but it did. I may add some enamel dots at the corner or under the alphas. I definitely plan to use the alphas for some other projects and maybe even for my 30 Days of Lists notebook. 

Until next time...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Hello there! It's Thursday and it's time for another Thursday Thoughts. So here we go...

  • My baby is feeling so much better now and went to school yesterday and today. He was so happy to go to school and see his friends.
  • I'm going to work on my meal planning tomorrow and my major goal for the rest of the month is to stick to it.
  • I'm also planning to do a "no spend" September and this time I am being serious. I think I'm pretty stocked up on my crafting supplies so I don't think I need anything for the next few months or so. I want to start using up what I have so far. The only things that I do need is just a few things for my son's pre-k class and teachers, but other than that I really do have a lot of awesome stuff to use for Project Life and card making as well as for other projects here and there.
  • Speaking of getting a few things for my son's class...I've been looking up crafts and treats to make for the kids and the teachers. I finally made a Pinterest and that site is just awesome! I have found so many different things! Since Halloween is just a couple of months away, I think I found what I am going to make for the teachers. I'm going to make some Halloween cookies jar gifts. I found this idea on Pinterest and went to the website. So so cute! There's even one for Christmas! So I am set for Halloween and Christmas gifts for the teachers. The kids will be getting goodie bags for Halloween, but I'm not sure what to do for Christmas.
  • I am so ready for Supernatural and the Walking Dead to premiere. I can't wait for October!

That's it for me. How has your Thursday been? What are your Thursday Thoughts?

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Currently List #17

Hello there! It's Tuesday and you know what that's time for another Currently List!

Watching: I just simply love Mistresses. This show is awesome. I really can't stand Toni...she is just so evil. 

Reading: So I just bought Don't Worry, It Gets Worse by Alida Nugent because Amanda over at Amanda Rose blog did a report on it. I haven't really read most of it...just a few pages, but I can tell that it's going to be a good book.

Listening: So Nicki Minaj's new song Anaconda is hilarious in my opinion. I kept wondering where people got this picture of her and were making hilarious I know. 

Making: I've been working on my grocery and crafting lists. I seriously have a ton of crafting projects that I want to work on and I decided that I needed to make a list of which ones I want to try to do first.

Feeling: Ugh I have a dentist appointment tomorrow so I have been feeling anxious. I really don't like going to the doctor's office or the dentist office.

Planning: I need to plan the rest of the week since I had to readjust my week due to my poor baby being sick. He's feeling much better now, but was so upset that he had to miss school. 

Loving: Heidi Swapp and Becky Higgins working together for Heidi's new Project Life collection is pure genius! I am in love with Heidi's new Project Life collection! I finally got the last of the few things that I wanted from the collection so now I have all 4 of the value kits, the flip books, the mini color shine set, mini books, mini folders, vellum and tag set, instaframe and interactive cards, clear stamps, and both of the stencil and stamp sets. I think I'm all set on my crafting supplies, but I do need another Project Life album because my current one is almost full!

What's on your currently list? Feel free to share!

Until next time...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Heidi Swapp Project Life Haul

Hello there! I'm super excited about the new Heidi Swapp Project Life goodies that I bought in the past few days as well as today! So the collection just came out and it has been kind of hard getting some of the stuff. My local Michael's didn't have any of the value kits until today and I still didn't see any of the core kits.

I love, love, love the stamp sets and stencils as well as the other set of that stamps that did not come with stencils. These will be perfect to use when I make my own Project Life cards as well as making handmade (greeting) cards. I also had to have the interactive cards, mini folders, and photo frames. I think these would be perfect in some mini albums as well. Of course, I bought the mini books because I can never have enough mini books and albums. The layered tags look awesome as well.

I wanted all four of the value kits, but unfortunately my Michael's only had 3 of the kits. I have the glitter, gold, and color magic kits. I really love the value kits because they are the perfect size for me! I don't buy the large core kits fact, I actually have two core kits. I have the Honey Project Life kit and the 5th and Frolic kit. I'm almost done with my Honey Kit so the new value kits will be perfect when I want to mix things up. The value kits come with cards that are 3x4 and 4x6 sized as well as different embellishments in each of the kits. The kits that I have comes with wood veneers, blank canvas, and glitter shapes which is perfect for adding to my Project Life album or when I am making cards! 

I seriously can't wait to get the Overlay Project Life Kit, the mini color shine, and the flipbooks. Until then I'm going to start making some cards tonight!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Hello there! It's Thursday and it's time for another Thursday Thoughts. So here we go...

  • We had a few errands today so we were a little bit busy, but I got to go to Michael's today!
  • Speaking of Michael's, I found some of the new Heidi Swapp Project Life products! My local Michael's didn't have a lot of the stuff in yet, but I did get a stencil and stamp set, a set of clear stamps, mini books, and the mini folders. I definitely will be going to go to Michael's in the next few days to get some of the other stuff.
  • I'm going to try this new Breyer's ice cream (vanilla caramel gelato). I hope it's delicious.
  • Hubby and I are planning to go to the movies tonight to see Guardians of the Galaxy so we hope it's a good movie. It will be nice to have a date night finally. It's been an hectic week.
  • I didn't make the Xyron Design Team, but I'll try again next time. I think there's going to be another design team call in the next six months so I'll have plenty of time to make some new projects.
  • I seriously need to work on our wedding album and another wedding project. I think I'm going to use a mini album instead of a 12x12 album. I also need to get some pictures for my mami and my in laws...asap!
  • I think it's time for me to give up soda again for a month. I'm drinking way too much soda.
  • I need to work on my 30 Days of Lists book and get the pages ready so that I can just add my lists. 
That's it for me. How has your Thursday been? What are your Thursday Thoughts.

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Currently List #16

Hello there! It's Tuesday and you know what that's time for another Currently List!

Watching: Jake and the Neverland kids are still obsessed with this show. Since they were watching some episodes today, I was able to get a few things done from my to do list which is awesome.

Reading: I really like Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine. It has lots of cool projects to try. I don't buy it often, but I may have to start since I found out that Scrap365 is not going to be printed anymore.

Listening: I am still in love with this song. I had on repeat today while I was cleaning.

Making: I need to catch up on at least a week or two of Project Life so I have been setting up my layouts in advance so that I don't have to worry about that. At least if I set up my layouts then I can just add my pictures and journal a little bit.

Feeling: I've been super exhausted these past few days and readjusting out routine since school has started.

Planning: I'm planning on working on my 30 Days of Lists album in the next few days which I am so excited about!

Loving: I'm loving the new crafting goodies that I have just purchased. I got some wood veneers and badges at Tuesday Morning. I also got some cards a few weeks ago that I haven't used much, but definitely plan to this week.

What's on your currently list? Feel free to share!

Until next time...

Monday, August 4, 2014

30 Days of Lists-Open Registration Starts Today!

Hello there! I have some super exciting news for all of you today! I am officially a sponsor for 30 Days of Lists! 30 Days of Lists is now open for registration and begins on September 1, 2014 and last for 30 days! I've participated in 30 Days of Lists several times now and I absolutely love it!

I love that there is no wrong way to complete the challenges. Some people like to use separate notebooks to complete the challenges while others have used Project Life cards to complete them. I have usually used a notebook and some embellishments to complete the challenges and I am thinking that I will do the same thing for this challenge.

P.S. Since I am a sponsor and an affiliate of 30 Days of Lists, any purchases you make using the links will support The Emi Times. Be sure to check out 30 Days of Lists and learn more about the challenge. I can't wait to see everyone's lists and books!

Until next time...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Wishlist

Hello there! Happy Saturday! Can you believe it's August already? This year is really going by fast! I made a goal back in June (I think?) for a "no spend" July and August and um...I definitely failed in July. And August is not looking good either already, but at least I got some good deals. So I'm going to make a goal for a "no spend" September. In the meantime, I made a wish list for August!

1. I really want and need some new flats. I saw these Jessica Simpson Marline Ballet Flats on DSW and I'm in love! 

2. I really, really, really want all of the Hero Arts Ink Daubers and maybe a few of the Neon Daubers as well. 

3. I have been wanting the Cinch for a couple of months now, but have been hesitant to purchase it because I was worried that I would not use it often. However, now that I have been wanting to make a ton of mini albums and books, I know I will use the Cinch a lot. 

4. You know when you have a favorite pair of sneakers and you know it's time to throw them away because they are just not good anymore? Like seriously it's time to toss them out because it's basically worn down, tearing apart, etc. Well, it looks like the time has come for me to toss out my absolute favorite pair of sneakers. I've had my favorite pair of Jordans since I was in high school. Surprisingly, they have lasted a long time considering I've already graduated college. I could probably still wear the tons of sneakers that I have already, but I want something that can go with anything. So it looks like these Converse sneakers will do.

Well, that's my wish list. Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Until next time...