Sunday, May 18, 2014

10 Things that makes me happy

Hello everyone! Today is day 18 in the blog every day in May challenge. Today's prompt is: 10 that makes you happy.

10 Things that make me happy

1. My family and friends

2. My culture

3. Hot chocolate

4. Reading

5. Blogging

6. Crafting

7. Spring and Fall (love the weather during those times and just everything that goes on during those times)

8. Naps

9. Watching videos of soldiers, marines, etc. coming home to their families

10. Hearing a child's laughter (kids are just so adorable)

Those are the 10 things that make me happy. What are some things that makes you happy?

Until next time..



  1. Kid giggles are the best. I've got a goofy smile on my face from reading your list. :-)

  2. A great list! A few I could add to my own list! :)