Monday, May 12, 2014

How 'The Emi Times' got its name (and tagline)

Hello! Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend and all of the mamas out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. Today is day 12 of the blog every day in May challenge. Today's prompt is: tell us how your blog got its name (and tagline). 

For about a year now (maybe a year and a half), I have been wanting to launch a blog. However, it kept being pushed back for several reasons. For instance, I was in college, had lots of wedding planning, work, and of course my family life. Once, I graduated from college in July and the wedding planning was complete (my wedding was just 6 days after graduation), I suddenly had some extra free time. Surprisingly, the launch still kept being pushed back, but that was due to me procrastinating...and to be honest, I was a little bit afraid. I like everything to be perfect and I wanted my launch and my blog to be perfect.

One day, I was reading some posts on the One Little Word Facebook page and came across a post about the blog every day in May challenge. Luckily, I saw the post a few days before May and that was when I decided that I just need to stop being afraid and finally launch my blog...and so I did.

Even though I kept procrastinating, I kept thinking about what I should name my blog. The only thing that kept popping up was 'The Emi Times'. I knew I didn't want to use my actual name, but I did want something that was similar to my real name. I thought of all the nicknames that people would me such as Ems and Emi. Emi (and I love that name) seemed to stick and just sounds so much better than 'The Ems Times'. This blog is basically a lifestyle blog because I didn't want to just stick to just one topic like crafting or Project Life. I plan to write about anything that interests me such as recipes, crafts, parenting, things that happen in my life, my perspective on things, etc.

As for my tagline, I was not too sure what to put there (until today). I figured that since my blog is a lifestyle blog then I should just keep it simple and have the tagline be 'a lifestyle blog'.

So now you know how my blog got its name (and tagline). How did your blog get its name and tagline?

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