Friday, May 2, 2014

Still in love with my Life Planner!!!

I absolutely love my Erin Condren life planner! I have been purchasing a life planner now for a couple of years now and I can honestly say that this is the only planner that I have been able to keep for the whole year! Before I found Erin Condren planners, I tried several different kinds of planners and within a month or two, I ended up not using the planner anymore. Then I would buy another and then another and then another. A lot of people would just tell me to use my phone to keep appointments and to dos, but I can't stand using my phone for those things. There's just something about actually writing everything down and then crossing everything that I did off my list.

Currently, I am using my Erin Condren life planner and a take note notebook. I use my life planner for everything and I mean everything! I use it to keep track of appointments, work schedules, to dos, school events, etc. I use my take note notebook for my business plan and also for my blog.

I just found out that the new designs for the life planners will be coming out in June or July of this year and I am so excited. I was so excited that I actually went out and bought some supplies for my new life planner even though my planner ends in December 2014. I use stickers, a little bit of washi tape, pens, and sticky notes to help keep me organized.

I'm so excited that I am deciding to host my own giveaway! The winner of my giveaway will receive a package of stickers, sticky notes, a washi tape set, and a pack of gel pens. The giveaway will be open for 5 days. Below is the prize package.

Please note that this giveaway is open to US readers.

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  1. Thanks to Pearlene for allowing you to post in FB EC Fan Club. ;-)

  2. I love seeing how others use their life planners. I need inspiration!

  3. This is such an awesome EC beginner prize! I am still waiting for my first EC!!

  4. This is so sweet! And I love that you put a gift label on your pen pack. I might have to steal that idea.

  5. I love those sticky notes! I almost ordered that set the other day from Hobby Lobby! Love Sticko stickers, too! Thanks!

  6. I love the stickers! They're so cute! I can't wait to get my first EC! :D

  7. I love pens, paper, stickers and organizing! The prize package would be wonderful to win.