Friday, June 30, 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with CharlotteLindsay, and Chrissy for their weekly link up.

1. Chili Cheese Hot Dogs

2. Gummy bears

3. Blogging

4. A Bad Moms Christmas trailer

5. Riverside by Agnes Obel

6. Blogging

7. Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer

8. Me time

9. Cooler weather

10. Art videos

What made you happy this week?

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Project Life Update

Happy Thursday! I have been slacking off with Project Life. I haven't made any Project Life layouts since early January, but you may have noticed that I have been making a lot of 8.5x11 scrapbook layouts. I plan to start a new Project Life album starting in July, but I'm going to try to keep it simple. My goal for this project is to just document my Summer rather than making it a year long project.

Normally, I use 12x12 Project Life albums, but I am going to use a 6x8 album. I also plan to use my Freckled Fawn embellishment kits. I still have a lot of kits to use up so this will be a great chance to try and use up some of the embellishments. I'm also going to use an old Studio Calico Project Life kit that I bought during one of their sales.

These are just a few of the kits that I plan to use. I'm very happy to say that I have made a lot of progress with using my kits on various projects. I just finished using 3 kits in just a couple of weeks. The only thing that remained from the kits are the washi tapes. 

These are the items that I received in the Studio Calico kit. As you can see I have already used some of the items, but I still have a bunch left. I'm hoping to use the entire kit in July. I can't wait to see how this album turns out.

Are you going to work on any projects in July? If so, what do you plan to do or make?

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

When I Was Young...

Happy Wednesday! So not too long ago, I had a conversation with my younger sister about what it's like being an adult and all the responsibilities that comes with being an adult. She's a teenager so she's at that age where kids think they know everything. During our conversation, I told her about how my views had changed over the years and I also mentioned some random facts about me that she may not know or remember. I definitely think she's starting to change her views since we had our conversation. Today I'm going to share just a few thoughts that I had when I was younger.

When I was young, I thought I would live in New York City for the rest of my life.

When I was young, I said I was going to be a bachelorette forever and that I didn't think I would ever have children. My mami would laugh whenever I told her that.

When I was young, I couldn't wait to be a grown up. I'm pretty sure every kid goes through that phase where they can't wait to grow up and do whatever they want.

When I was young, Hey Arnold and Rugrats were the best cartoons ever!

When I was young, the first movie that made me cry was Saving Private Ryan. The first cartoon that made me cry was Rugrats. I cried during the episode about Chucky's mom. Just thinking about that episode makes me want to cry.

When I was young, I thought that my mami was just old school. I never really asked her for any advice. Now that I'm older, I realize that she was right about so many things and I go to her for advice.

When I was young, I wanted to be a doctor, a zoo keeper, a scientist, a paleontologist, a librarian, and a writer.

When I was young, I thought watching the news was for old people. Now that I'm older, I watch the news everyday.

How have your views changed over the years?

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Currently List

Happy Tuesday! It's time for another Currently List.

Watching: You guys have no idea how excited I am that the second season of Preacher finally premiered on Sunday. When I watched the show for the first time ever, I didn't know how to feel about it. I didn't hate or love the show, but I was so intrigued that I just had to keep watching. I also have been catching up on La Querida del Centauro. I am so behind on this show that I have been trying to watch a couple of episodes everyday.

Reading: As usual, I have been catching up on some blogs. I also really need to finish reading The Handmaid's Tale. Hopefully I can finish reading the book by the end of this week.

Listening: I love listening to my boys sing. Gabriel loves to sing and I think it's so cute when he makes up his own songs.

Making: I've been making blog posts for the rest of this week and have started drafting a few posts for next month.

Feeling: I definitely did not get enough sleep last night, but I'm feeling so awake and energized.

Planning: I have to start meal planning again. I also need to find new recipes to try so if you guys have any recommendations, please let me know.

Loving: It rained for almost an entire week so I am loving all the sunshine. Don't get me wrong, I love the rain, but a week of just rain is annoying.

What are you currently up to?

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer Sale

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fun weekend! I have some new cards in my shop. Starting today, you can get 20% off your order in my shop with the code SUMMER. The code is valid until July 7, 2017.

Happy Shopping!

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Sweet Life Layout

Happy Saturday! Today I want to share a layout I made of some fruit cups that I bought from Edible Arrangements. It was my first time going to Edible Arrangements so I just had to document my first trip there.

To make this layout, I adhered my photo and a cut apart from an Amy Tangerine paper pad onto my cardstock. I used some transparency die cuts from my Freckled Fawn kit and adhered them using my Tombow Xtreme Adhesive tape runner. Once I had my die cuts in place, I added a resin grapefruit and a sticky note tab. I used my ruler to add some journaling lines and then added my journaling. I decided to add a wood veneer square to balance the layout. Since the middle of the square wood veneer has a star, I knew that I wanted to add either washi tape or patterned paper to the center. I ended up using the washi tape that is included in the kit. I simply put some washi tape on some scrap photo paper and then adhered it to my wood square. Then I glued the square to the cardstock.

The journaling says "I wanted to get a smoothie from Edible Arrangements since they were having a sale for National Smoothie Day. Unfortunately my local store doesn't sell them so instead I bought 4 fruit cups for $2.00 each. I will definitely have to go back and try some other fruits! Definitely a fan now!"

Supplies Used:

  • Tombow Xtreme Adhesive tape runner
  • Ruler
  • Pen
Did you celebrate National Smoothie Day?

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Friday, June 23, 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with CharlotteLindsay, and Chrissy for their weekly link up.

1. Edible Arrangements fruit salads

2. The Mist (TV Show)

3. Summer

4. Family Day

5. Captain Underpants movie

6. Crafting and Scrapbooking supplies

7. Stormy skies

8. Staying up late

9. Movie theatre popcorn

10. New ideas for my shop

What made you happy this week?

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Bucket List

Happy Thursday! Yesterday was the first day of Summer and I'm so excited that the season has officially changed. Even though we have had Summertime weather already, I still thought it would be fun to make a Summer bucket list. Check out my list below.

  • Try new recipes
  • Go to the Farmer's Market twice a month
  • Explore new (to me) places in my city
  • Go for lots of walks
  • Make homemade popsicles
  • Eat lots of popsicles and ice cream
  • Buy lemonade
  • Go to the pool
  • Watch fireworks
  • Have a BBQ
  • Visit amusement and water parks
  • Relax
  • Read 4 books
  • Find a shop that sells soft serve ice-cream 
  • Wear more dresses and rompers
  • Have a picnic
  • Eat lots of fruits

What is on your Summer bucket list?

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Favorite Summer Beauty Essentials

Happy Wednesday! Usually I don't talk about beauty products, but today I wanted to share just a few of my favorite summer beauty essentials.

Biore Baking Soda Liquid Pore Cleanser: I have been a big fan of Biore and previously used their Combination Skin Balancing cleanser, but unfortunately they no longer make it. So I had no choice, but to try something new. I decided to stick with the brand and try their baking soda cleanser. I am happy to say that I have been using their Baking Soda cleanser for a over a year and I'm still loving this cleanser. It was the perfect replacement. I love that it has natural baking soda and it doesn't have a strong scent.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream: I love using this BB cream. This BB cream is perfect for when I want to wear a little bit of makeup, but also want to avoid using foundation. This BB cream is easy to apply and feels so lightweight.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: I don't wear mascara all the time, but I am loving Maybelline's new Lash Sensational mascara. It's really easy to apply, adds volume, and doesn't smudge. I usually buy the waterproof kind, but I always have a hard time removing this mascara (or any waterproof mascara). If you have any recommendations on makeup removers please let me know.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer: I needed a new moisturizer since Biore apparently stopped making the moisturizer that I normally used. I had a hard time finding one that I liked, but decided to get an Aveeno moisturizer after reading some reviews. I've been using it for about a week and so far I'm loving it.

Sun Bum Sunscreen Lip Balm: I love Sun Bum's lip balms. I love the Pink Grapefruit and the Pomegranate lip balms. It lasts a long time and doesn't feel greasy.

Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon: I think I'm starting to become a big fan of Maybelline. Not only do I like their mascara, but I also love their Baby Lips Crayon. I love that I don't have to reapply this all the time, it's moisturizing, and they have a pretty decent color selection. My favorite crayon is the Sassy Scarlet.

Suave Advanced Therapy Lotion: I received this lotion in two different voxboxes and I love it. This lotion does not have a strong scent and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy.

What are your Summer beauty essentials?

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Currently List

Happy Tuesday! It's time for another Currently List.

Watching: I caught up on Fear the Walking Dead and I have to admit that this season is really interesting. I also watched Still Star-Crossed and I really hope that this show does not get canceled. I've been hearing that the ratings have not been so great for Still Star-Crossed.

Reading: I'm still reading The Handmaid's Tale and hopefully I can finish the book by the end of this week.

Listening: This song has been stuck in my head. I have noticed that I have been listening to a lot of old songs and I am loving it.

Making: I haven't really been making a lot of art or layouts, but I have been making cards. I think I may start to offer custom orders in my shop.

Feeling: I'm a bit sleepy due to having a really busy, but fun weekend. We also had to get up really early today to get some errands done.

Planning: I plan to get some journaling done soon. I also want to work on some new blog posts, essays, and articles.

Loving: My boys and husband are just simply the best. I love spending time with my family. They are just the sweetest and funniest guys ever.

What are you currently up to?

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! We had such a fun weekend.

On Friday, I decided to go look for some art and am happy to say that I found three pieces of art work. I absolutely love the Free Art Movement. I have found new places while searching for the pieces of artwork and it's always nice to add some art to my collection. The two pieces below were made by Emily Kneubuhler.

On Saturday, John and I went on a date. We watched Wonder Woman and absolutely loved the movie. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine did such an amazing job. If you haven't watched the movie yet I highly recommend that you do. We also went to Barnes and Noble and took advantage of some amazing deals. John picked The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and I picked Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. We also bought The Adventures of Captain Underpants for the boys. The boys were so excited when we showed them the book.

On Sunday, we spent the day celebrating Father's Day. The boys and I gave John his gifts in the morning. Then we went to Six Flags White Water. After we left and came home, we ate some pizza and watched Tangled.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, June 16, 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with CharlotteLindsay, and Chrissy for their weekly link up.

1. Blackberry Lemonade

2. Strawberries

3. Rainy days

4. Old school music

5. Driving

6. Starburst Jellybeans

7. Air Conditioning

8. My curly hair

9. Awesome deals

10. Free Art Friday

What made you happy this week?

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Currently List

Happy Tuesday! It's time for another Currently List.

Watching: I've been watching some art videos on Youtube. Most of the videos are people using the new mixed media collection by Jane Davenport.

Reading: As usual, I've been reading some blogs. I also just received a copy of The Handmaid's Tale and will start reading it this week.

Listening: My sons have the cutest and most hilarious conversations ever. I just love listening to them talk to each other.

Making: I'm working on some sketches and paintings. I'm still practicing, but so far I'm happy with how they are turning out.

Feeling: Today I have been really sleepy. I'm not even sure if I'll be able to sneak in a nap later because I have so much stuff to do.

Planning: I'm still working on my 100 Day Project, but I'm also planning on making some new cards for my shop. I'm planning on making some school cards and some Fall themed cards. I know it's only June, but it's better to get that stuff done early.

Loving: I absolutely love journaling. Today I was able to get a couple of journal entries done and it just felt amazing to put my thoughts down on paper.

What are you currently up to?

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Monday, June 12, 2017

10 Things I Can See From Here--Blogging For Books Review

Happy Monday! I just finished reading 10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac yesterday and am so excited to share my review.

10 Things I Can See From Here is about a girl named Maeve who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. When Maeve's mother leaves for six months to go to Haiti with her boyfriend, Maeve is sent to live with her father, stepmother, and her twin stepbrothers. While she is there, she meets a girl named Salix who doesn't really worry about anything and is kind of carefree.

I love that this book covered several topics like anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual assault, and same sex relationships. It can be hard for some people to talk about these topics and I think that Carrie Mac did a fantastic job on researching these topics and addressing these topics in the story. There were two things that did bother me about the story. I thought it was odd that Maeve basically forgives her former best friend for assaulting her and that her stepmother (and the rest of the family) were able to forgive Maeve's father so easily for all of the things that he had done. Maeve's father has issues with drinking, drugs, and basically is not a very good father or husband so it's hard to see (or rather read) how easily his family can forgive him. In my opinion, it didn't seem realistic how easily they were able to forgive him and it also seemed unrealistic how easy it was for Maeve to forgive her former best friend. Maeve definitely had a lot to deal with and had to overcome a lot challenges, but learns a lot along the way.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely recommend that you read this book.

Have you read 10 Things I Can See From Here? If so, what are your thoughts on the book?

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I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Friday, June 9, 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with CharlotteLindsay, and Chrissy for their weekly link up.

1. Lemonade

2. Sleeping In

3. Still Star-Crossed

4. Summer dresses

5. Strawberries

6. Caramel Chocolate Nut Cheesecake

7. Journaling

8. Tuck Everlasting

9. Making art

10. Sunshine

What made you happy this week?

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Random Thoughts

A while ago, I used to participate in a link up and share my Thursday Thoughts. I didn't know what to post today so I thought I would do something similar and share some random thoughts.

  • I was so excited when I found out that there was going to be revival of Prison Break. So now that season 5 of Prison Break ended last week, I really hope that they bring it back again. If  you haven't watched the latest season, I definitely think you should. I was hoping that more of the original characters would be in the show, but the new characters were pretty decent. 
  • I don't think I will never not be shocked when I see stores putting up Christmas and holiday displays up in June. Like it's's not even Fall yet lol. 
  • I swear I get the best ideas at really inconvenient in the shower or while driving. I say inconvenient because I can't write anything down while driving or in the shower so I basically have to hope that I can remember the damn ideas.
  • I can't wait for Fall. It's one of my favorite seasons. I'm so excited for cooler weather and Halloween.
  • My playlist on my iPod is all over the place. The other day I went from listening to Coldplay to El Zafiro to Charlie Puth to N.W.A and then New Kids On the Block. And. It. Was. Awesome!
  • I keep having this feeling that there are going to be a lot more changes than I anticipated and I'm not sure how to feel about it. It's not a bad feeling, but I am feeling a bit anxious and excited. Have you ever felt this way?
I'm not sure how often I will post my random thoughts, but if this is something that you would like to read, please let me know.

What are some of your random thoughts?

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Until next time...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Currently List

Happy Tuesday! It's time for another Currently List.

Watching: I finally caught up on the last three episodes (season 2) of Fear the Walking Dead. And oh my goodness were those last three episodes crazy. I also plan to watch the premiere of the third season tonight.

Reading: As usual, I'm catching up on some blogs. I do plan to read a couple of chapters of the book that I need to finish.

Listening: I just heard Attention by Charlie Puth on the radio and now I absolutely love it.

Making: I'm still working on a few blog posts for this month, but I am so glad that more than half of them are done. I have been making cards for my 100 Day Project and for my shop. Oh and if you would like to purchase any of the cards that I made for my 100 Day Project, feel free to send me an email. I have posted some of the cards in my shop, but I still have several more to post.

Feeling: I'm feeling hopeful about a lot of things. I don't want to jinx anything so I won't say anything yet.

Planning: I've been trying to come up with some budget goals and plans. Being an adult is so much fun right lol.

Loving: Fruit Roll-Ups are so freaking delicious. For some reason, I have been craving Fruit Roll-Ups a lot even though it is rare that I buy them.

What are you currently up to?

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Playa Voxbox

Happy Monday! I was so excited when I found out that I would be receiving a voxbox from Influenster since it had been a while since I received one. I love reviewing voxboxes and trying out new products. The voxbox that I received is the Playa voxbox. I received five different products as well as a couple of coupons in this voxbox. Check out the items below.

Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce: I was so happy to receive this in my voxbox. I actually needed to buy some hot sauce for a recipe so this definitely came at the right time. I have tried Frank's buffalo wings sauce so I was excited to try their original cayenne pepper sauce. It was a bit spicy, but not too spicy. It added just the right amount of kick for my tacos.

Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream: I received a coupon for a free Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream in a previous voxbox so I was excited to receive another coupon. I love that this product is available in a squeeze bottle. This coupon also came at the perfect time because I was also out of sour cream and I planning to buy some for a recipe. 

Radiant Toothpaste by Colgate Optic White: This toothpaste is supposed to whiten teeth from the inside and out. I already use Colgate toothpaste, but have never tried the radiant toothpaste so I was a bit curious to see how it works. The mint flavor is not too strong which was nice. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually does work even though I just received it. 

Eva NYC Purse Perfect Hair Towelettes: I think these hair towelettes are so cool and very easy to use. I love that it's small enough to carry in a purse or bag. They are perfect for travel or when you leave the gym. The only downside to the towelettes is that the product felt a bit greasy. 

Suave Body Lotion - Advanced Therapy: I love Suave products and was so excited to try out this lotion. I really love that there was not an overwhelming scent. This lotion did not feel sticky or greasy and it really moisturized my skin. Although I don't suffer from severe dry skin, I think this lotion is perfect for everyone. 

Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your favorite products?

Thanks for visiting!

Until next time...

DISCLOSURE: I received the products described in this post complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

Friday, June 2, 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with CharlotteLindsey, and Chrissy for their weekly link up.

1. Writing blog posts

2. Being ahead of schedule for June

3. Spending time with Mami

4. Popsicles

5. Still Star-Crossed

6. Lucifer

7. My boys' laughter

8. Me time

9. Shopping for Father's Day gifts

10. Funny memes

What made you happy this week?

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Until next time...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June Goals

So long May...hello June! May was such a fun, but busy month and I am so excited for June. Today I'm sharing a recap on my goals for May and my goals for June.

Recap of my May Goals

  • Read 1 Book: This was a fail. I'm still working on 10 Things I Can See From Here. I didn't get much reading done because we were so busy in May. We had a lot of events, appointments, celebrations, etc. I'm a bit disappointed because I should have tried to schedule some more time to read.
  • Post 15 blog posts: This was a success. I posted 16 blog posts. 
  • Exercise more: This was a  fail. I. Have. To. Do. Better. 
  • Declutter makeup basket: This was a success. My makeup basket looks amazing. I also decluttered the entire bathroom.

June Goals

  • Read 1 Book
  • Post 20 blog posts
  • Start journaling again
  • Try 2 new recipes
  • Do more research on buying a home
  • Continue to work on my 100 Day Project
  • Work on handmade home decor

What are your goals for June?

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Until next time...