Friday, May 18, 2018

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with CharlotteLindsay, and Beth for their weekly happy and grateful list link up.

1. Chocolate chunk cookies

2. Target Cartwheel App

3. Happy Mail

4. Hello Giggles new magazine

5. School year is almost over

6. Spring storms

7. Everything, Everything Soundtrack

8. Random ideas and thoughts during the day

9. Instagram Stories

10. My boys

What made you happy this week?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Currently List

Happy Wednesday! It's time for another Currently List.

Watching: I have always been interested in World War II and I tend to watch a lot of films about war.  I wanted to watch Dunkirk as soon as I heard about the film and I was finally able to watch it. I absolutely loved the film. I really loved that there was not a lot of dialogue in the film. I think everyone should watch this movie.

Reading: As usual, I've been reading some blog posts. I plan on starting a new book this week, but I'm not sure which book I want to read next.

Listening: Te Bote has been stuck in my head for a while.

Making: I have so much stuff to get done so I have been making a ton of lists. I'm starting to work on meal planning again so I'm working on my grocery list as well as a list of recipes.

Feeling: I'm so exhausted. Everyone says that I need to sleep when the baby sleeps, but that's easier said than done.

Planning: I still have several projects to get done. Michael and I are going to work on his school project. I have no idea why his class has a project to get done when school is almost over, but I'm glad that it's a book related project.

Loving: Holl and Lane has created a new membership, H & L Writes, that promotes writers and the love of writing. This is such an amazing community. There are monthly themes, prompts, and exercises. Members can also submit a piece to be reviewed by the Sarah (Editor in Chief) or Mia (Editorial Manager). There are so many other benefits to joining H & L Writes. If you would like to learn more about Holl and Lane and their new membership, please click here.

What are you currently up to?

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Raphael - 1 Month

Wow a little over a month with our sweet boy has already passed! The past month has been emotional  and we are all just feeling so lucky and blessed to have Raphael in our lives.

John was able to take 2 weeks off of work to stay with us. My mami has been amazing. She's made us  meals and has helped so much.

One of my favorite photos of him

Nicknames: Raph, Raphi, Sweet Boy, Mi Nino

Size: Raphael is slowly gaining weight. At his one month appointment, he weighed 5 lbs and 7 oz so he is now past his birth weight. I'm really happy about this because I was worried about his weight and how much he was eating. His preemie clothes are getting a bit snug and he is starting to fit in his newborn clothes. He is also still wearing newborn diapers.

Eating: Raphael is primarily breastfed, but he does take one bottle of fortified breastmilk (breastmilk and formula). He has to take a bottle of fortified breastmilk because he was born early and had some trouble with feeding. However, he is starting to eat a lot more which is great.

Sleep: He is doing so much better with sleeping at night.

Loves: He loves sleeping on John's chest and he loves laying on me. He loves looking at his brothers.

Dislikes: Raphael is not a fan of baths or being cold. He also doesn't like getting his diaper changed.

Things I Want To Remember: 

  • He's already spit up, peed, and pooped on me. 
  • His facial expressions are just so cute!
  • He is such a sweet baby. He loves cuddles from John, his brothers, and I.
  • He is runs in the familia.
  • Raphael makes the cutest sounds and noises. 
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Friday, May 11, 2018

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with CharlotteLindsay, and Beth for their weekly happy and grateful list link up.

1. Klondike bars

2. More great news from the doctor

3. Grey's Anatomy

4. Early Mother's Day presents

5. Naps

6. Journaling

7. No Roots by Alice Merton

8. New books

9. Instagram

10. Iced Triple Mocha from Starbucks

What made you happy this week?

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Entertainment Q & A

Today I'm linking up with The Blended Blog for TBB Asks. TBB Asks is a monthly questionnaire and link up series.

1. Comedy or Drama? This is a tough one because I like them both. If I had to choose, I'd pick drama.

2. Fiction or Non-Fiction? Fiction

3. Movies in Theater or At Home? Depends on my mood. If I go to the movie theater, I prefer to watch the movie during the day. 

4. Musical or Play? Musical

5. Which meal of the day is your favorite to eat out? Lunch

6. Favorite book ever read? The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is one of my favorite books. I also really loved Things We Lost In The Fire by Mariana Enriquez.

7. Game Night: Yes or No? Yes

8. Favorite outside game to play? I don't really have a favorite, but I love playing Tag with my sons.

9. Favorite TV series ever? This is a tough one. Prison Break and Grey's Anatomy are just two of my favorite TV series.

10. Sitcoms growing up or Sitcoms of today? Sitcoms growing up!

11. Miniature Golf or Bowling? Neither

12. Favorite movie theater candy? Sweet Tarts

13. How do you like your popcorn? With a side of nacho cheese

14. 3D movies with glasses; Yes or No? No

15. Favorite genre of books to read? Fiction, but lately I've been reading a lot of nonfiction.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with CharlotteLindsay, and Beth for their weekly happy and grateful list link up.

1. More good news from the doctor

2. Raphael is gaining weight

3. May Designs Newborn Notes Journal

4. Taking a 2 hour nap

5. Hugs and cuddles from my little ones

6. Warm weather

7. Great sales and coupons

8. Finding time to read a book

9. Going for a walk

10. Chocolate Chip granola bars

What made you happy this week?

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

May Goals

Another month has gone by! April was a very big, exciting, and busy month for us because Raphael arrived early! We are so grateful that he is here and we have slowly been coming up with a routine.

A lot of things got pushed back due to my little one's early arrival, but I thought it would be great to remember the goals that I was able to accomplish. After reviewing my goals for April, I realized that I did so much in April even though I may not have accomplished all of my monthly goals.

Before we get to my new goals for May, let's check out my recap of my goals for April.

Recap of April Goals
  • Read 1 book: Unfortunately, I did not finish reading a book. I did read a few blogs and articles. 
  • Declutter every room and closet: We actually decluttered most of the house before Raphael was born. I think we only had one room to declutter which was done after his arrival, but at least it was completed in April.
  • Work on meal plan: I did not work on my meal plan. I barely cooked anything after I gave birth to Raphael. Luckily, my mami made us lots of meals.
  • Make at least 2 scrapbook/craft projects: I didn't make any projects. Well...I guess you can count journaling right?
  • Finish shopping for the baby: Technically we did finish shopping for Raphael. We bought all of the important stuff as well as the necessities, but we did have to buy a couple of things like some preemie clothing. The newborn clothes were too big for Raphael. 
May Goals
  • Read 1 book
  • Work on meal plan
  • Work on my 100 Day Project
  • Share more personal stories and/or essays on the blog
  • Make at least 1 scrapbook/craft project

What are your goals for May?

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Currently List

Happy Wednesday! It's time for another Currently List!

Watching: This season of Lucifer is so good! Hopefully, the show gets renewed for a fourth season.

Reading: As usual, I'm reading blogs. I'm still trying to decide which book I want to read next. What are you currently reading? Any book recommendations?

Listening: I've been listening to a lot of music by Juan Luis Guerra. His songs are amazing! One of my favorite songs is A Pedir Su Mano. You can check out the song here.

Making: I've been working on a few blog posts.

Feeling: I've been so busy. We are still slowly coming up with a routine so I'm very happy about that. I've also started using my planner again and am starting to feel more organized. Even though I've been busy, my planner has definitely helped me remember a lot of stuff.

Planning: I cannot believe that Michael is turning 8 years old. Time really does fly by. I'm so excited to pick up his birthday present and cake. I think I may even make him a homemade cake as well.

Loving: I received my new May Designs Newborn Journal and I absolutely love it! It has been so useful and I highly recommend it.

What are you currently up to?

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Collection of My Favorite Parenting Memes

I love memes especially the funny ones. I have found so many new parenting memes that I love. Now that I have a newborn again, I thought it'd be fun to share a few of my favorite memes. I even included a few that made me remember when my older sons were toddlers. Check out the memes below.

I love this meme so much! I think I might have to write this down in my journal or frame this near my craft/work area. 

This meme has always been one of my favorite parenting memes. 

I have done this so many times. In fact, I did this yesterday while I was talking to my mami. 

I always feel bad when I see a mom or dad with a screaming baby or toddler in the store. I definitely know how it feels. I'm also that person that will defend parents from people who has something to say about a baby or toddler screaming in the store. Seriously, no one wants to hear a kid screaming...especially the parents. Give the parents a break and understand that babies and toddlers will scream and cry...sometimes for the most random reason.

I have also done this so many times. 

I'm always exhausted after putting my boys to bed. Then I have to decide whether to go to sleep or try to catch up on a show or two. Usually, I end up choosing to go to sleep.

This is also something that I have done several times especially when Michael and Gabriel were younger...except it wasn't Frozen that I was was Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is so important! So many people don't realize that you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of your kids. 

This is so true. 

What are some of your favorite memes?

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