Thursday, May 29, 2014

What have you said 'yes' to today?

Hello there! As you know I am participating in the blog every day in May challenge. Today is day 29 in the challenge and the prompt for today is: what have you said 'yes' to today?

I actually had to think about this one. Then I realized that there are several ways that you can look at  this prompt which is awesome. So what did I say yes to today?

I said yes to:

  • To my boys...they wanted an extra ice cream
  • Getting pizza for dinner
  • Cleaning the entire house and getting most of the laundry done (so I can relax tomorrow)
  • Me time
  • Going over to my mom's house so she can watch the boys for a little bit
  • Having an extra ice cream cone (for me) :)
  • Being comfy...and wearing yoga pants and oversized shirt

What have you said yes to today?

Until next time...


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