Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Hello there! It's Thursday and it's time for another Thursday Thoughts!

  • I didn't even know how to start this post. It's September 11. I can't believe that it's been 13 years already. I remember where I was and what I was doing on that day. I'm from New York City and lived in Virginia when the attacks occurred. It still hurts my heart today and I pray that nothing like that ever happens today. My thoughts and prayers goes out to all of the families who were affected by this tragedy. 
  • My oldest son is not feeling well and did not go to school today. Hopefully, we all do not get sick again. He's feeling much better now and we are all so happy.
  • I'm going to start using watercolors in my art journal as well as use watercolors on some handmade journaling cards. I've been seeing lots of cool tutorials on different blogs and Facebook pages. 
  • I've been hearing a lot about handmade card challenges and journaling card challenges. I'm actually considering joining in on some of the challenges. 
  • I heard about a few Design Team Calls and I also have to get started on some layouts and projects for that. I'm super anxious about actually applying, but I'm going to try it. 
  • I can not wait for Halloween! I'm sure I mentioned this before, but we got the boys their costumes and their accessories for the costume. I also bought some Halloween goodie favors and had some extra goodie bags left. So now all I need to do is buy Halloween treats which are already being put on displays at stores! So I guess it wouldn't be crazy if I bought a bag or two now. Now I just have to get ready for Christmas! 
That's it for me today. How has your Thursday been? What are your Thursday Thoughts?

Until next time...

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