Sunday, September 7, 2014

30 Days of Lists--September--Lists 1-7

Hello there and Happy Sunday! Today is day 7 of 30 Days of Lists. I plan to post a week's worth of lists every Sunday. Today, I am posting lists 1-7. I didn't embellish my pages a lot, but my main goal is to just write the lists down.

Day 1: Today is brought to you by...
  • Labor Day BBQ
  • Corona
  • Familia
  • Crafting
  • Happy Boys
  • Teen Wolf
Day 2: I can't pass up...
  • Michael's PL sale
  • Chips & Dip
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Naps
  • Ice Cream
  • Tacos
  • Hugs

Day 3: If I had an extra hour in the day...
  • I would catch up on reading
  • I would scrap more
  • I would take a nap or sleep an hour longer
  • I would exercise
Day 4: Projects to finish this month...
  • 30 Days of Lists
  • One Little Word 2014
  • Mini albums
  • Handmade Cards
  • PL layouts

Day 5: Things to nurture this month...
  • My boys
  • My husband
  • Myself
  • My health
Day 6:Every night before I go to bed...
  • Bedtime routine
  • Bathtime for the boys
  • Give the boys lots of goodnight kisses and hugs
  • Take my bath
  • Watch some TV while in bed
  • Double check my planner
  • Play video games with hubby
  • Then finally go to sleep

Day 7: Chores I actually enjoy...
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Dusting
  • Organizing
  • Grocery shopping
That's it for me today. Be sure to come back every Sunday for the rest of the lists.

Until next time...

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