Wednesday, September 30, 2015

30 Days of Lists--September 2015--Lists 28-30

Hello there! Happy hump day! Can you believe that today is the last day of September and that it is also the last day of 30 Days of Lists? Seriously this year is going by way too fast. Today, I'm sharing lists 28-30.

28. Things I need to get rid of
  • Old clothes
  • Old shoes
  • Clutter

29. I am easily distracted by...
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Blog Posts
  • My sons
  • Crafting
  • TV

30. What I enjoyed doing this month...
  • 30 Days of Lists
  • Spending time with family
  • Going to Catch Air with my boys and husband
  • Leaving my job

It's been so much fun working on my lists and I can't wait for the next round of 30 Days of Lists.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you all have an amazing day.

Until next time...

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