Thursday, December 20, 2018

Target Finds

Ever since Babies R Us went out of business, I have been going to Target for all of our baby needs. I can honestly say that we would only go to Target maybe once or twice a year. Going to Babies R Us was just convenient for us. However, I am now a big fan of Target and I can see why so many people love this place.

I've been going to Target a couple of times a week and have been finding some really cool stuff. I thought it would be fun to make a new series for my blog called "Target Finds". The series is simple...I will just share items (mainly new-to-me) on the blog.

Let's see what I found at Target this month.

I was really excited to try these. Everything is in the cup and all you have to do is add your liquid and ingredients into your blender. Then you can pour everything back into the cup. These smoothies are perfect for the morning or for a snack/drink after a workout. I only tried "Rise" and "Energy", but there are other flavors available. I think I may try their green smoothie next.

I haven't tried the individual chocolate covered pretzels or the marshmallow cocoa toppers because I plan to put these in our stockings. I think they would make perfect stocking stuffers. 

3. Wondershop at Target Caramel Corn Clusters, White Drizzle Pretzel Rods, and Rudolph's Trail Mix

I tried Target's Rudolph Trail Mix before so I was so excited to find it again this year. The caramel corn clusters are so good and I love that there are bits of dark chocolate sea salt mixed in. I haven't tried the white drizzle pretzel rods because I plan to put these in our stockings as well. 

I am obsessed with Belgian Boys' Mini Stroopwafels. They are so good. I love that they come in individual packages. It's perfect for packing in a purse or backpack. I usually put one or two in my diaper backpack. It's also perfect if you're craving something sweet. I followed the suggestion that was listed on the package which was to place on stroopwafel in a hot drink. I placed one in my hot chocolate and it was delicious. 

Overall, I'm very happy with everything that I found at Target. I was able to save on all of these items by using the Cartwheel app. I can't wait to find some more new things at Target.

Do you like to shop at Target? What have you found at Target lately?

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  1. Ooh I might need to try one of those smoothies. I'd really like to drink more smoothies but they can be so difficult to make. LOL Looks like you found some great items. I do love Target.


    1. I can be hard to make smoothies especially if you're not sure what kind of liquid or ingredients to include. I really like this one because the ingredients are included in the cup and all you have to do is just add the liquid.