Friday, January 1, 2016

Super Exciting News! I'm a Nerd Nest Challenges Creative Team Member!

Happy 2016! This year is already starting with super exciting news and awesome opportunities! As you can see from the title, I was selected by Megan over at The Nerd Nest to be a part of her Nerd Nest Challenges Creative Team! This will be my first time being on a creative team and I am extremely excited, honored, and happy to be a part of this team.

My fellow creative team members and I will be sharing our take on the monthly challenges. Please be sure to check out Megan's other creative team, the Pocket Your Year, as well. They will be sharing their takes on the monthly assignments for each unit in Pocket Your Year 2016. Be sure to sign up for Megan's newsletter, The Nerd Nest Newsletter, so that you know when registration is open and to be on top of all the updates.

It's going to be an amazing year! Happy New Year's. May all your dreams and wishes come true. Here's to hoping for a new year filled with happiness, love, success, and good health!

Thanks for visiting!

Until next time...


  1. Yah so excited for you! I was happy to see your face on the announcement. I made the pocket team!

    1. Thank you so much Kelly! Congrats on being selected to be on the pocket team! I can't wait to see your takes on the assignments.