Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Snacking with Chobani

Fall has officially arrived and I am so excited. I know lots of people are excited for Fall, football, and the upcoming holidays. With so many events just around the corner, one thing that comes to mind is food.

Lately, I have been trying to make some healthier choices. I noticed that at the beginning of Summer, we would constantly go out to eat. Towards the end of Summer, we began to eat more at home and I'm happy to say that we have been doing a very good job.

As you may know, I have two sons. My youngest son is a bit of a picky eater so it can be a struggle to get him to eat different foods including healthy food. I will admit that I am also somewhat of a picky eater.

One thing that my family and I love to snack on are chips and dip. Chips and dip is such a easy snack and you can make it healthy by making a few small changes. One of my boys' favorite vegetables are carrots. We switched from eating chips and dip to eating carrots and dip. I also love cucumbers and dip. For parents of picky eaters, think about vegetables and even fruits that you think your child may like. Try offering the vegetables and fruits with the dip. You may be surprised that your child(ren) may enjoy the food with dip.

Chobani currently has a new collection of dips called Chobani Meze Dips. There are four new flavors: Roasted Red Pepper, Chili Lime, Three Pepper Salsa, and Smoked Onion Parmesan. These dips are made with natural ingredients. Each dip contains real vegetables. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives. Compared to most hummus brands, Chobani Meze Dips has 80% less fat and 65% fewer calories.

Have you tried Chobani Meze Dip? Which one are you excited to try? Check out Chobani for more information on their new dips.

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