Monday, September 12, 2016

30 Days of Lists--September 2016--Lists 5-10

Happy Monday! Can you believe it's already September 12? I have been having a lot of fun making my lists and have been sharing my lists on my Instagram. As I said before, I will still share them on my blog as well. Today I'm sharing lists 5-10.

Day 5: Today you can find me...
  • Home...making art and working on blog posts

Day 6: My favorite time of the day is _______ because _________

My favorite time of the day is midmorning/early afternoon because....
  • I can get my errands and stuff on my to do list done very quickly (since the kids are at school)
  • Me time (sometimes...depending on how fast I can get stuff done)
  • I can catch up on shows
  • I have a decent amount of energy during this time

Day 7: If I was running for President...

  • I would listen to people and care about their concerns
  • Have fun
  • Promote equality
  • Hand out History books
  • Talk about education and healthcare

Day 8: On My  Camera Roll...

  • Art supplies
  • The boys
  • Selfies
  • Books
  • Completed projects
  • Food

Day 9: This weekend's plan...

  • Work on artwork and projects
  • Read new books
  • Draft blog posts
  • Cook

Day 10: When things don't go my way...
  • I go for a long walk
  • I raise my voice or walk away (just depends on the situation)
  • I make art
  • I like to shop

Are you participating in 30 Days of Lists?

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