Friday, June 27, 2014

June 2014 Conscious Box Review

Hello there! I'm super excited to share my review on the June 2014 Conscious Box! This is my last box from a 3 month subscription that I purchased on either Living Social, Groupon, or Plum District. However, Conscious Box is going to send me another box due to an issue with my second box which I thought was very nice of them. I'm going to make my final decision on whether to keep my subscription going with the final box since I'm still torn on whether or not to continue it. 

So here is my review!

Here are some pictures of when i first opened the box and a picture of the card that comes in the box. The card tells you what it is in the box.

One of the cards that I received in the box gives you some ideas on what to do with the chocolate bars that came in this month's box. One of the suggestions was to put the chocolates in the fridge since it may have melted a little. Surprisingly, my chocolate bars did not melt at all, but I still put them in the fridge. The other card was actually a mini booklet with recipes. These focused on the chips that were in the box.

First look after taking the wrapping paper off

Loved that first look! Chips and chocolate...yay!!

Beanfields Snacks: Beach & Rice Chips- Pico De Gallo

These chips have protein and fiber in them. They are also gluten free and corn free. I thought these were ok. I probably should have eaten these with some dip, but my oldest son loved these chips so I may purchase some more.

Helwa: Belgian Chocolate Crisp Wafer Fingers

I thought it was so smart of the people at Conscious Box to put the chocolate bars and wafers in a ziploc bag. Thanks Conscious Box! 

The wafer bars were delicious! I really, really loved them! They were like KitKat bars, but healthier! I definitely plan to purchase more of these.

Natralia Heel Balm

This balm has rosemary oil and shea butter in it. This may come in handy, but I may just put it in my travel bag along with the other lotion samples that I have received.

Organyc: Cotton Pads

These pads are 100% cotton and are supposed to be naturally absorbent. Plus they are biodegradable which is awesome!

Bolt Tape

This is a natural, energy-infused sport tape that is supposed to ease aches very quickly. I hope it works and I know this will come in handy.

I received this pamphlet that has some more information on Bolt Tape. 


As always, Conscious Box sends some coupons with their subscription boxes. I received coupons for Beanfields, oil, and Quit Tea. I will be giving the quit tea coupon away as well.

Equal Exchange: Dark Chocolate with almonds and Caramel Crunch Milk Chocolate

Oh I was super excited to get these chocolate bars! Surprisingly, I still have not eaten any of the chocolate bars! I think I'm going to melt one of the bars and dip some strawberries in them.

Somersets: Extra Delicate English Shaving Oil and Extra Sensitive English Shaving Oil

The extra sensitive shaving oil is made with essential oils like ylang ylang and lavender. I assume the the extra delicate one has similar essential oils as well (don't quote me though). I think these may be useful. I have never used an oil before so I am curious if it works.

Quit Tea

I will be giving this tea away. I do not smoke so I do not need this and I also do not like to drink tea.

So that's my review. Overall, I was very pleased with this box. I am still considering extending my subscription, but I think I'll know for sure when I receive my final box.

Do you subscribe to Conscious Box or a different subscription box company? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time...


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