Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ways I use Washi Tape

Hey! Hey! A few days ago, I was looking through my craft supplies before I made a run to Michaels. I mainly go to craft stores to get adhesives and enamel dots since I get the Freckled Fawn Oh Deer Me embellishment kit. I have enough cardstock and patterned paper to last me a while so I don't purchase paper unless I don't have a specific color that I need or if it's an impulse buy. One thing that I have not bought in a very long time is washi tape. I guess technically you could say that I do purchase washi once a month since Freckled Fawn has a washi tape in every kit, but I haven't bought a single roll from Michaels or Hobby Lobby (or online) since last year.

When I was looking through my craft supplies, my washi tape collection caught my eye. I think that I have a decent amount of washi tape although I consider my stash to be small compared to other collections that I have seen. Looking at my washi tape basket made think of the ways that I use washi tape. Below are some ways that I use washi tape on my projects.

  • Layouts- I use washi tape on a lot of my layouts. I love that they add a pop of color and texture to my layouts.
  • Cards- I love that you can use washi tapes on greeting cards. These can be really useful especially when you want to make quick and simple greeting cards.
  • Project Life cards- Just like greeting cards, you can use washi tape to make quick and easy Project Life cards. Sometimes I use a couple of different washi tapes on my Project Life cards and other times, I just stick with one washi tape.
  • Home Decor- I love using washi tape when I want to make decorate frames. It's really simple, but so cute.
  • Gift Wrap- Ah this one is awesome. I have been known to forget to buy tape especially when I need to wrap a gift. When this happens, I just look through my stash of washi tape and pick whichever one looks closest to the gift wrap paper. Then I wrap the present and it's good to go.
  • DIY embellishments- I read an article (or maybe it was blog post?) and I learned about a super easy way to make your own embellishments using washi tape! So you get white cardstock and put strips of washi tape on it. Then you take any punch you have and punch out shapes. They look awesome as 3D embellishments (using foam dots to adhere punched out shapes) onto layouts, cards, etc. 

So now I'm on the hunt for more ways to use washi tape because this is one crafting product that I actually hope to go through a just a bit more quickly.

What are some of your favorite ways to use washi tape?

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