Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Hello! Hello! Hola mi gente!!! It's time for Thursday Thoughts. And here we go...

  • I had a ton of errands today and got most of my to-dos done already. I'm feeling very accomplished at the moment because of all the stuff I got done in such a short amount of time.
  • I am getting really irritated with USPS. They are constantly losing mail. It's freaking ridiculous!!!!
  • Also I am not sure what is going on with the Project Life journaling pens. Every time I purchase a new pack, they immediately dry up. I just bought a third pack not too long ago (and barely use them) and after they are all dried up. I think I'm just going to stop purchasing them and stick with my Sharpie fine point pens.
  • I have caught up with One Little Word and plan to start working on this month's prompt this weekend.
  • I'm super excited because I am going to be a sponsor for 30 Days of List. I seriously can't wait! I need to decide whether to use one of the many daybooks that I have or make a mini album/daybook for this round of lists.
  • I wonder when the fourth book in The Books of Abarat series is going to come out. I will probably have to reread all of the other books in order to remember what happened though. Plus I still have a ton of other books I need to read as well (yes...I know I keep saying that).
  • I wish laundry could just fold itself. I swear laundry has got to be the worst chore ever.
  • I am getting excited seeing all of the school supply sections being set up and I'm not even in school.
  • I really want to go to this new Dominican bar/restaurant that is nearby. Maybe we'll go for our anniversary?
  • I also really, really, really want to go see Deliver Us Evil. I seriously need to make time to go see this.

That's it for me! How is your Thursday going? What are your Thursday Thoughts?

Until next time...



  1. I'm stopping by from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. I can't believe that the school supplies displays are already being set up. What happened to summer?

  2. I know! It seems like school is starting earlier every year.