Monday, May 16, 2016

10 Things That Made Me Happy Last Week

Hey! Hey! Today I'm linking up with KrystenLindsay, and Charlotte's weekly link up.

1. Date night (or rather morning) with the hubby while the kids were at school

2. Captain America: Civil War

3. Hershey's Cookies & Creme chocolate bar

4. One Dance by Drake feat Wizkid and Kyla

5. Winning giveaways

6. Kittens

7. Crafting

8. International Delight's Mocha Iced Coffee

9. Making plans for the Summer

10. Cookie Crisp Cereal

What made you happy this week?

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  1. Hey girlfriend, I hope you had a great weekend!
    How'd you like the movie? I've heard it's good and RDJ doesn't disappoint.

    Have a great week love! xo

    1. Hi Lindsay! The movie was awesome! I loved it!