Saturday, November 7, 2015

Just a bunch of randomness

Hey! Hey! Yay it's Friday! I was going to post a layout today, but I didn't finish it so maybe I'll post it tomorrow. I have had a lot of stuff going on this past week and October was kind of busy, but at least things should slow down soon. I was going through my notebook and reading all the stuff that happened during the last few weeks and just wanted to share a few things with all of you. I also wanted to share some awesome stuff that I read as well.

  • So my washer died on us about almost two weeks, but we were able to buy another one and have it delivered in two days! You know you're an adult when you are excited that you just bought a washer and even more excited when it's finally delivered. The delivery men must have thought I was crazy when they saw how excited I was.
  • I received my first May Designs notebook yesterday and I am in love! I have heard about them and contemplated purchasing a notebook for a while, but never did. May Designs sent people who signed up to receive their emails an e-gift card. The cards ranged from $5-$100 and I received a $10. I received another gift card from this really kind woman so I ordered my book and only paid $1. Seriously that was super nice and awesome of May Designs and the woman. I definitely plan to pay it forward.

  • I'm loving this blog post from Our Holly Days. This is so accurate!
  • So I'm in love with Paper Issues Shop. I received my order last month and received it in three days! Three days! 
  • Conversation with my youngest son:
Sees me with two pieces of Sweetarts and grabs for it
Me: This is my candy. I gave you and M some candy.

G: I want it please.

Me: Where did your candy go?

G: It disappeared.

Me: Where?

G: <Pauses and looks at> In my mouth.

Me: But this is mine.

G: Please, it disappeared.

Me: Ok.

Well that's it for today. Hope you all have an awesome Friday and enjoy your weekend.

Thanks for visiting!

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