Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Currently List #34

Hello there! It's Tuesday and it's time for another Currently List!

Watching: TMZ is a funny show. I'm watching this show while filling out some stuff online.

Reading: Eh, I'm not reading anything too interesting. Just an application that I need to fill out.

Listening: I still love this song. Ellie Gouling is awesome and her song "Lights" is amazing!

Making: So I'm catching up on Project Life. I am combining December Daily with my Project Life and there are at least two days that I didn't take pictures, but I plan to add journaling instead for those days.

Feeling: It's just one of those days...

Planning: I need to work on my art journal soon. Maybe some of this stress will go away.

Loving: So Reina de Corazones ended last week, but a new one came out and I love it. It's called Tierra de Reyes and it is a remake of a previous novela. I'm sure there will be some differences, but so far I'm enjoying the novela. I also still watch Los Miserables and it's getting interesting.

What's on your Currently List? Feel free to share.

Until next time...

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