Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Currently List #42

Hello there! It's Tuesday and it's time for another Currently List!

Watching: So when I first watched this show, I only watched five minutes of it and immediately thought it was a little weird. Now, I love this show and occasionally watch it with my husband and the boys.

Reading: There were a lot of interesting things on my Facebook newsfeed.

Listening: New Kids on the Block...need I say more?

Making: Nothing is better than some chicken noodle soup on a cold day.

Feeling: I have so many great things planned for this new year and I am just so excited!

Planning: I have several layouts that I need and want to work on. I also found out about several challenges and sketches and I am planning on joining those as well.

Loving: The brisk weather is seriously amazing! It's not too cold and it's perfect.

What's on your Currently List? Feel free to share!

Until next time...

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