Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Currently List #29

Hello there! It's Tuesday and it's time for another Currently List!

Watching: Oh Lifetime movies...they are just too awesome!

Reading: As usual I'm catching up on blog posts. I need to make time to read some books.

Listening: Dance with me tonight is seriously an amazing song. I love it and it makes me want to swing dance even though I'd probably fall on my face trying to do it!

Making: The past week or so has been really crazy so I haven't been able to plan my weeks correctly like I usually do. So tonight, I plan to make my to do lists, errands, plans in my planner. I really hate feeling disorganized.

Feeling: I'm feeling pretty content right now even though I haven't had a lot of sleep during the past week. Today was a good day.

Planning: I've been wanting to make some handmade bookmarks since I bought a new book and there are a ton of other books that I need to catch up on.

Loving: It has been cold for a couple of days now so I am loving my blanket and my heater. I'm surprised how cold it has gotten so far and it's only early November.

What's on your Currently List? Feel free to share...

Until next time...

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