Thursday, September 6, 2018

Currently List

Happy Thursday! It's time for another Currently List.

Watching: I finally watched Avengers: Infinity War. I really liked this film and can't wait for the next one. Random note: I was going to watch this movie at the movie theatre since it was supposed to be released before my due date. However, as you may know, Raphael arrived earlier than expected.

I'm really excited that so many of my favorite TV shows are coming back. The second season of The Good Doctor will premiere on September 24 and Grey's Anatomy will premiere on September 27. I also plan on watching Mayans MC and The Purge. I was surprised when I found out that there will be a 10 episode series of The Purge. I have never watched Sons of Anarchy so I may have to check that out since Mayans MC is a spin off series.

Reading: I have been reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon and so far I'm loving it! I have been taking notes and I can't wait to share my review of the book.

Listening: I love Love Lies by Khalid and Normani. The song is amazing. You can check out the song and the music video here.

Making: I've been working on my Summer Stories travelers notebook. I only have about two or three pages left. It feels great to finally have some time to scrapbook and craft.

Feeling: Everything has been going well. I'm making changes and I'm sensing a shift in my emotions and energy. I never knew how much I really needed to take care of myself. Self-care is amazing.

Planning: I have to finish planning for the rest of the month and I'm hoping to plan for October as well.

Loving: There are so many hints of fall and I'm loving it. We've been getting some cooler weather in the mornings (still in the 70s, but much better than being in the 80s and 90s) and there are so many leaves on the ground. It's beginning to look a lot like fall.

What are you currently up to?

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  1. Always great to be back here, and lovely to have an update from you! My bf wants to see the avengers movie, but I’ve been kind of meh about it. Maybe I’ll surprise him with it one night :)

    So glad to hear you are taking time for self care, momma. You deserve it! Also that song is oddly infectious :)

    1. Thank you Charlotte! The movie was really great. Deadpool 2 is next on my list.

  2. I really like Love Lies too! Such a good song. I still need to watch the new Avengers movie...and Black Panther. I think I'm caught up otherwise.


    1. Khalid and Normani's voices are amazing. I hope they collaborate on some more songs.