Wednesday, November 9, 2016

At A Loss For Words

I was not going to post today. I do have a few posts that are already scheduled to post in advance this week so at least I do not have to worry about actually writing, editing, etc. However, I felt the need to just write this post. I have so many things say, but do not even know where to begin. Today, I am just shocked, frustrated, worried, and to be honest disgusted. I never post anything related to politics on my blog on this blog, but today I will. I just don't understand...I just don't understand...

To see (and know) that so many people chose to vote for hate is absolutely saddening and terrifying. To see that this man has repeatedly made sexist and racist comments and people still voted for him is shocking. Let us not forget about the comments he made towards immigrants, the LGBT community, veterans, and disabled people. To see that this is the man that many people chose to vote for is incredibly scary.

To those who are currently in fear for their families, friends, country, and even themselves...I am so sorry and please know that I am here for you. There are many people who are here for you. I stand with you.

Below are some awesome blog posts that I came across:

For those who are feeling overwhelmed or want to do something positive, please check out this link that has information on organizations you can support, donate, or volunteer with.

Today, I have noticed that here is so much sadness, fear, confusion, frustration, and anger, but let's not forget that there is so much love and hope still around.

Until next time...

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