Friday, April 25, 2014

Love to Write? Love to Make Lists? Check out the Write365 App!!!

I absolutely love to write. I love to incorporate journaling in my crafts as well as my Project Life album. However, I sometimes can't think of what else to write or may get stuck when finishing my layout for my Project Life album. This is especially true with my layouts for my Project Life album. Sometimes I do not take enough pictures during the week so I have to rely on some extra journaling for my layouts. So I was very happy when I found out about Write365.

This app was created by Kam over at Campfire Chic. It's an app that gives you different prompts to choose from and you can email them to yourself if you don't have time to write at the moment.  The prompts are great because you can use the prompts in different ways. You can write a story, an essay, make a lists, etc. It is all up to you.

I plan to use the app a lot for my Project Life album. Here just a couple of samples that I will incorporate in my Project Life album.

In this moment, you could use...

  • Fries and buffalo wings
  • Pepsi
  • a scary movie to watch

How you stay in touch with friends who live out of state...
  • Facebook
  • Texting/Phone calls
  • Skype

So if you are ever having a little bit of writer's block or just want to make a list, then check out Write365.

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