Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mini Letters

Dear July,

So far you have been a decent month. Please continue to be a good month for me. June was such a brutal month.

Dear Network Television,

I am so disappointed in you. Seriously...why are a ton of my favorite shows canceled? I always have the worst luck when it comes to television shows. It seems like whenever I like a new show, it gets canceled.

I can't believe that Lucifer, Here and Now, and Damnation are canceled. John and I were really annoyed that Lucifer was canceled. John doesn't watch a lot of tv so it really sucks when one of our favorite shows gets canceled.

I'm also sad that The Last Ship is ending with its upcoming fifth season. It was a really great show and I loved the storyline. I'm so glad that The Last Ship will not be ending in a cliffhanger.

It looks like we will be getting Netflix soon because we heard that Netflix picked up Lucifer.

Dear Mother Nature,

My goodness! It is unbelievably hot outside! I shouldn't complain about the weather since it was so cold during winter, but it's been so hot that I have been staying home a lot. I have been enjoying the summer thunderstorms that we have had. There's just something about summer storms that just makes me happy.

Dear Toys R Us/Babies R Us,

I am so so soooo sad that you guys went out of business. It is not that often that I get incredibly sad over a company going out of business, but I'm so upset that you guys are no longer in business. We have been buying all of our baby needs at Babies R Us since I was pregnant with Michael. You guys were our go to shop for toys as well. We loved the rewards program and baby registry perks. We were so happy to be able to shop for our youngest son, Raphael. However, we are so sad that he will not be able to experience Toys R Us like his brothers did.

Dear Old Navy,

You guys are killing it with all of these deals. That is all.

Dear Barnes and Noble,

I have bought so many books and it looks like I'm going to go on a "no spend" for the rest of this month and next month. To be fair, there were a lot of great sales and I'm a rewards member so I got a lot of great deals on books.

Dear Fall,

I'm so ready for your arrival.

Thanks for visiting!

Until next time...

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash


  1. I love this! I’ve always thought about doing something similar to this someday. You totally killed it!

  2. This is really cute. I write letters to my pen pals so I can appreciate the lost art of letter writing. I am guilty of going to barnes and nobles and only buying food. But a purchase is a purchase. The library has most of the books.

    1. I have to start borrowing books from the library a lot more. I would definitely save a lot of money doing that.

  3. Aww, fun! I have done little letters before and it's been a long time since I have, I should do it again! I loved these!

    1. Thanks Beth. I would love to read your little letters.

  4. I am a bit ready for fall! LOL It's a bummer Toys R Us is closed now; how weird that any future kids I have will never know it!


    1. So many stores are now putting out fall displays and I'm even more excited for fall.

  5. Awww I love all of your letters! Do you feel as though you are experiencing cabin fever lately? I’m always out and about during the summer but it’s been so dang hot I can’t take it!

    I’m sad about Toys R Us, too! What the hell with all these stores closing! :(

    Xoxo and hope you are having a great week!

    1. Thank you Charlotte. I actually really liked staying home because it's been way too hot.

  6. Netflix picked up Lucifer? Awesome!

    Stefani | Dreams of Nyssa

    1. They did! I'm so excited. I will most likely subscribe to Netflix now that they picked up Lucifer.