Monday, May 15, 2017

Awesome Ladies Project NSD 2017 Currently Me Mini Album

National Scrapbook Day was on May 6 and I decided to join a couple of challenges and workshops that were held throughout the weekend. I was so excited to work on the Awesome Ladies Project Currently Me mini album workshop. I really love how my album turned out. 

I kept my cover simple and used some patterned paper to cover a 6x6 cardstock. I wanted the pages to be a bit thicker than cardstock so adding the patterned paper helped. I embellished the cover with a couple of label stickers and alpha stickers. I may add a few more embellishments on the cover, but for now I think it looks ok.


The first challenge was to document a name, date, and place. I simply added a photo of myself along with a few embellishments. I added an "E" alpha sticker for my name and wrote down the year and state that I am in.

Currently Watching

I really loved this challenge. I filled in the labels with all of the current shows that I have been watching. Then I added some enamel dots to the empty labels.

Currently Listening

I kept this layout simple and used some glitter enamel dots as bullet points. Then I wrote down the names of the songs that I have been listening to.

Currently Reading

This was another one of my favorite challenges. I love reading and decided to add a picture of my bookcase. I wrote down my favorite genre as well as mentioned which book I just finished reading. I also wrote down the name of the book that I am currently reading.

Currently Making

For this challenge, I added a photo of several of the cards that I made for my 100 Day Project.

Currently Feeling

This was another one of my favorite challenges, but it was also a bit hard to choose which feeling I wanted to focus on. I ended up choosing to focus on my feeling of excitement. I added a photo of my early Mother's Day gifts which were some brand new art supplies. I have so many ideas of projects that I plan to make using these new supplies.

Currently Planning

For this layout, I decided to make a list of things that I plan to do throughout the rest of the year. I added some label stickers and enamel dots. I used some alpha stickers for my title.

Currently Loving

For this layout, I used a photo of my husband and my sons. I used some alpha stickers to spell out "My Loves" and "My Boys". I added a heart enamel shape to the words. Then used a stamp on the right side of my layout.

This was one of my favorite mini albums and I am so glad that I was able to participate in this year's Awesome Ladies Project NSD online crop.

Supplies Used:
Did you participate in any National Scrapbook Day challenges or workshops?

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  1. I just love all these layouts you do! They are so fun!

  2. Awww, I love all of these layouts :) So adorable <3 My Boys was wonderfully adorable and you're giving me some great inspiration with your My Plans page!! Hope you had a very happy Mother's Day!

  3. These are fabulous! You're doing such a great job. I have yet to tackle my smash book for this year. I haven't joined any challenges for this reason. The mood really has to strike me plus everything has been put away *sad face*.

    1. Thank you Kimberly. I hope you get to make some layouts in your smash book soon.

  4. Ooh how fun. This turned out really well. I like the idea of a mini "Currently Me" type of book.

    1. Thank you. I think it will be fun to look back on things that happened during that day.