Monday, April 3, 2017

April Goals

I cannot believe that it's already April. Another month has passed by and that means that I have some new goals to accomplish. Before we get to the new goals, let's recap March.

Recap of my March goals:

  • Read 1 book: This was a fail. I did read a lot of articles and blog posts, but I did not finish the book I was reading.
  • Cook more / Eat out less: This was a pass. 
  • Post 15 blog posts: This goal was a pass. I made 19 blog posts in March.
  • Make 5 greeting cards: This goal was also a pass. I made 12 greeting cards.
  • Make at least 1 mini album: This was a fail
  • Update my Pinterest: This is a pass. I got rid of some boards and also updated a few of my older boards. I also created a couple of new boards.
  • Declutter closets: This was a fail.
  • Donate clothing: This was a fail because I didn't declutter my closets.
  • No soda (giving it up for Lent): This is a pass. I am very happy to say that I did not drink any soda at all. 
  • Exercise more: This is a fail. I definitely plan on working on this goal.

April Goals:
  • Declutter closets
  • Donate clothing
  • Exercise more
  • Read 2 books
  • Make 8 cards
  • Post 20 blog posts

What are your goals for March?

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  1. Overall, I think it looks as though you did a really great job! I think I need to give myself more realistic goals for my book reading, because 4 books a month is just not ever happening, LOL. Love your list and best of luck with April :) XOXO

    1. Hi Charlotte! Thank you. I hope I can accomplish at least half of my goals.

  2. April is a great time for decluttering and emptying out the wardrobe!

    1. Hi Rachel! I agree. I tend to have a lot more energy during Spring. Here's to hoping that I will actually declutter my closets.

  3. Great goals! I hope you get lots of reading in and do well on your blog posts - among all your other goals. I'm trying to drink more water at the moment, and just keep up with my diet program. :)


    p.s. Would you be interested in doing an Usborne Facebook Party? You can win free books for your kids, and I'm donating $5 to Autism Speaks for every party at least planned this month! I'm happy to answer questions!

    1. Hi Lauren. Feel free to email me with more information. I would love to learn about Usborne.